Business Strategy on Innovation – “Monetising Innovation” Authored by Gautam Borah

This is a timely book, motivated by one of the critical challenges facing businesses today: How to innovate in regular, reliable ways? Gautam Borah presents the distilled insights of research,reading, and practical experience to focus on innovation that connects early capacity steps with implementation and innovation results.

The focus is on identifying and specifying organizational and leadership levers for innovation impact. The purpose is to present innovation as a core organizational function and to describe the shift from occasional and adhoc innovation to reliable, routine innovation. The book introduces the Innovation Capability Model (ICaM), anintegrated framework that connects findingsfrom research on effective innovation systems.

Book Appreciation


‘This book is innovative in its own right. If you want to read the next disruptive business book on innovation that is easily applicable, Monetising Innovation is a must read.’

-Anthony Marsala, Chief Operating Officer Madison Street Capital, Chicago, US

‘I’m quite certain that the book will turn out to be a great piece for readers rangingfrom CXO level executives to Business Managers and Business Management students,who can pick up the insights to drive innovation leading to disproportionate enterprise value creation.’

-Amit Das, Director, Human Resources,Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd (Times of India group)

‘It is an excellent roadmap to take an organisation to the next level in result oriented

Sunil Sood ,Managing Director and CEO, Vodafone India Ltd.

The book addresses the needs of anyone in the organization who is concerned with innovation.’

-Christian D Shaefer, Director, Product Development– Financial Services Industry, Frankfurt, Germany

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